Thank you word SOR Benefit Fus DG Fus

Dear people. The benefit Fus DG Fus is back on and what we are incredibly proud of!

On 23-12-2017, SOR organized a benefit for the families of the political prisoners in Arif in the ZIMHIC Theatre Hall. This benefit exceeded our expectations. A benefit that has once again proven that the hearts of our Rifijnen are in the right place. A benefit that has ensured solidarity, warmth and sympathy for the families of the political prisoners. We have fought to bring this benefit to a success and that would not have been successful without all of you!

SOR would therefore like to thank all the volunteers of the benefit committee who have been in the weather from Day 1 to make the benefit succeed. And all the people outside the Committee have also made a contribution.

We would also like to thank all the singers, poets and other acts for their voluntary contributions. Without you, this benefit would not have been complete!

Also, our thanks go out to all the donors who have made food available for our dining area or products for our sales table/auction.

And of course, SOR wants to thank all the people who were present tremendously! Thanks to your generosity, we have picked up a wonderful amount for the families of the political prisoners.

A cash amount of €9,411.78, of which €2,105 remains to be transferred.

Thank you!

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