Foundation Development Rif Iftar 02.06

Stichting Development Rif is delighted to welcome the invitation of ‘ Hirak Assilmi Haarlem ‘ to be present at a Iftar, held on 02/06/2018, to break the fasting together. This opportunity of course offers the opportunity for SOR to bring its vision and goals to the public. A vision that leads to helping (currently) 80 families, and this number is still rising as there are enormous numbers of needy among the Riffijnse families of political prisoners.
So many people are counting on you financial contribution to help them out of the distress. That is why SOR calls on everyone to be present during this joint Iftar to answer any questions and to provide a financial contribution, however small, so that in the long run no Riffijns family should ask themselves whether it can be a “Iftar” Afford.
The development of the Rif Foundation is still a young organisation, but it is an organisation with a huge support to the people. From the start, the message, purpose and vision have been crystal clear so that the organization has been able to gain the confidence of many Riffijnen in the diaspora. SOR hopes to be able to work on this momentum for a long time and calls on all European solidarity Committees to cooperate with the foundation to keep such actions. It is by working together and forming a front that we can defeat the demons that plague our Riffijnen.
So keep this day free, be present and take friends and family with you…
Support the reef, support SOR and support the needy Families (political prisoners)!

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